Alexa widget on your blog

alexa is a site that provides information about the ranking order of all websites around the world. "alexa. com" was born in 1996.

This time I will show how to add alexa widget on your blog. Please check out alexa. com. on the main menu click on For Site owner.

after you have entered in the Site Owner Tools. click learn more widgets on the site.

after it emerged the widget site pages. here are 3 requests include: alexa traffic graph, alexa site stats button, and alexa traffic rank button. You can choose one of 3 options above, suggested alexa site stats select button or buttons alexa traffic rank. by filling in your blog URL in the empty box provided and press the build widgets.

after it emerged alexa widgets with different sizes. select the widget you want by way of a copy of the script. after that, log into your blog, click on the layout, click add gadgets, and then a new page. select the HTML / Java script. alexa script glue you choose was here. and the results we can see



have you ever heard the name twitter? certainly, yes. Twitter was launched July 2006. twitter is a free, twitter is micro-blogging or it can be said of a social networking like facebook, with a maximum of 140 characters you can write an article. in Indonesia, twitter, less popular than facebook. twitter user can give updates about what they want, whether it's about us, promotion, and so forth. the American twitter is very popular, equivalent to facebook, twitter has become popular because dapaat in sebaga advantage of free promotion is effective, and in business affiliation and need a significant visit.
Following and Follower very popular term in twitter. Followin adding another member to your friends list. Follower, is you follow the other members to be added in the list. find people (in the menu) to search for your friends.

Update Twitter
On the Home page you see an empty field, there you can write what you think. after writing and then click update.
You can also update information via SMS directly via mobile phones. and not have to bother to internet cafe to update twitter.