Schumi come back!!!

Michael Schumacher back in the fight Formula1,
Ferrari car with lung (29 / 7).

men born in this 3 januari 1969 F. Massa again replace the ill-fated in the Hungarian GP qualifying, 25 July.

Schumi is present in the European Grand Prix, at Valencia Street, Spain, August 23. Schumi decided that he was agreed to replace Felipe Massa after he met with the petinggi Ferrari, Stefano Domenicali (manager) and Luca di Montezemolo (President).

for reasons of loyalty team, I can not ignore the situation that is less profitable. And as competitors, I look forward to this challenge. he said!

April years ago the last time he Schumi drive F1 car, when he tried F2008 car. he had not even feel the car F60. ampai when Schumi will race again? whether the end of season? or even until next year?

Schumi own when he does not want to continue his career. He only returned to help Ferrari. mungkinan he balapn will continue until the end of 2009 season, and with Raikkonen's first victory chase, Ferrari this year.

not only that! also depends on the condition of Massa. official statement of Ferrari, Ferrari intends to reduce Michael Schumacher Felipe Massa able to return to the track.

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