upload chicklet

upload chicklet to your Blog

after you make a chicklet, you definitely want to upload to your blog, and soon make friends with the link exchange ..

first upload your chicklet on www.photobucket.com, after we switch on our blog. make sure you are already logged on your blog, then Klick element page-layout-add the gadget. that appear after a new page and click on the HTML / java script, copy the script below
<a href="your blog address"target="_blank"> <img src="image url address"/></a>

after you paste the scrip before, we right-click on the image on the chicklet is photobucket, and click copy image url .. paste to the script earlier.

after that copy the script in the HTML / Java script into two. the top of the image display while the bottom shows the script, how to add the prefix <textarea> , and the ending </textarea> . and finished

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Siais mengatakan...

omong2 chicklet apaan yah?

Gipho Hipho mengatakan...

hemmm ... nice .nice ...

thanks ... =O

alpien~ndut mengatakan...

tukeran ciklet yuukk

mas doyok mengatakan...

sippp .. lo ada yg baru segera kabari lagi yahhh

prafangga permana mengatakan...

mantap dah TOP BGT

mbah cyber mengatakan...

Keep blogging, lanjutkan usaha ngeblogmu nak, mbah selalu mendukung

Welcome mengatakan...

Bagus bro infonya

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